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The first topic is collateral research. I’m not ready to begin collateral research in my current do-over project because I’m digesting the enormous amount of materials I scanned at my parents house last month. They are all cited but I’m going back through them to glean information from them. There are all sorts of gems hidden among them including letters exchanged between my grandparents when my grandfather was in North Africa for several weeks in the late 60s. His descriptions of travel are priceless including buying a one way ticket from Madrid to Tangier for $28. 

I completely agree with the importance of collateral research. One personal story… I had heard that my paternal great grandfather had been married before but had no information about her. He has an incredibly common name (James Green) and I couldn’t find any information about this marriage. I started researching his brother, Thomas, and traced him back to Michigan (a state that my ancestors had no other known connection to.) After a bit more digging, I realized that Thomas and James had moved to Detroit together and later I found a 1912 marriage register for james Green in Detroit. I never would have looked in this repository without the collateral research.
The second topic was in-person genealogy training. I’m not currently living in the US so it’s a bit difficult for me. I would love to attend a conference or week long intensive training, but that will have to be a project for another day. 

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