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A few thoughts on completing the genealogy do-over. 

What I accomplished

  • Organized all of my paper files into a binder. 
  • Developed a system for labeling sources in Evernote (Last name, First Name – Document Type, Year)
  • Labeled about half of my genealogy sources in Evernote.
  • Started a new tree in Reunion and on Ancestry. My reunion tree has citations for every fact listed. I added myself, my husband, parents, sisters, and paternal grandparents. My ancestry tree is a bit more bare bones, but I have back up for every fact listed. 
  • Followed a number of people on Twitter who are genealogy related. Joined several genealogy related groups on facebook. 
  • Wrote a learning plan to study genetic genealogy
  • Cited, organized, and read dozens of letters and paper documents that I received from my grandmother about her life. 
  • Started a written interview of myself based on the 52 weeks questions. 
  • Added a list of questions about evidence analysis to the bottom of my sources. 
  • Slowed down

What I still need to do

  • Finish relabeling evernote sources. This should be a priority as it should only take me a few hours. 
  • Begin studying genetic genealogy
  • Continue to organize and read the documents from my grandmother. 
  • Finish my paternal grandparents profiles on reunion and ancestry. 
  • Finish interviewing myself
  • Interview my parents
  • Go back through my blog and add links to add links and pictures. 

What I would tell someone starting out

  • Don’t get overwhelmed. When you read the week’s assignments, decide what is reasonable for you to accomplish in a week and write it down. 
  • Focus on the process more than doing the task for every person in your tree. You can’t cite every birth certificate you own in one week, but you can develo the process to stop and cite a record when you find it. 
  • Remember that it is worth it. I’ve made several rediscoveries based in documents I have in my possessionI had never noticed before. 
  • Slowing down is important and in the end you will learn more about your family then speed clicking through information. 
  • Leverage technology. You don’t have to try every tool, but finding a few good products can help. 


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