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NGS Basics – Module 4

The fourth and final module is the longest module. It has a nice written assignment to get your creativity flowing. There is quite a bit about citations which surprised me because the next Prerequisite focuses exclusively on this. There are several quizzes and most are skill building which is the format that I prefer. The final quiz is a good overview of the course. I passed all of the quizzes after one or two attempts, but I will likely go back through the questions that I missed to see my errors.

All in all, it was a good basic introduction. I would recommend it to a beginner genealogist or for someone who has been collecting family history in a more haphazard way and wants to systematize their research. More advanced genealogists may find some good reminders and might enjoy the back to basics approach.

I’m planning on taking the citation course and the longer course when it is available and will post my thoughts.

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NGS Basics – Module 3

This section summarizes the basic types of sources. They use excellent examples which show the vast array of possibilities in genealogy research. They are doing an excellent job defining the limitations of Internet research.

No assignments for this module either so it is fairly easy to move through it. I did find myself going back through the pages and clicking on some of the links even after the quiz was completed.

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